Hamza Vora



Ceramics, 2009

Arabic language is an integral part of the culture I grew up with. Though not spoken in my family, it is only at certain community events that i am reminded of my roots and the traditions I grew up with. In a ceramic technology class, I collaborated with Raneen Nosh to explore the idea of Arabic Calligraphy and its transformation to three dimensional objects. Reflecting upon our connection to the language and fascination with the Arabic script. We started with just writing Arabic words we knew. We intuitively selected the word Fahem which means to understand. The word was transformed into a pattern which was transformed into a tile. The tile is multiplied to make a modular porcelain tile system that can be used as a suspended wall or room-divider, another product based on the same tile is the three dimensional wall paper. The tiles are placed in a random/ controlled pattern using acrylic dowels. We have been also working to produce the Fahem light. The porcelain used to produce the tile is translucent and we can leverage this characteristic to produce a ceramic lighting system.